Hydrating Humanity works to help make the world a place where all people have access to clean drinking water and sanitation; a world where people are not dying from water-borne diseases, but living abundantly, lives full of hope.


Hydrating Humanity’s core mission is to see the poorest areas of the world realize REAL and lasting transformation at every level: economically, socially, spiritually and in physical health. We believe the most impactful spearhead into these communities is clean, safe water projects and hygiene education. Our mission is to eradicate the water-borne disease crisis, save lives, love people, build relationships and reveal Christ. It is easy to share the love of Christ with a culture who has just received such an awesome gift.

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A Fresh Wind's partnership with Hydrating Humanity has led to the construction of multiple wells and springs as well has a donation to help Hydrating Humanity purchase a Drill Rig to drill wells where hand digging is not possible. Your donation allows us to continuing partnering with Hydrating Humanity to provide fresh water for thousands of people and the hope that is found in Christ alone!