For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.
— Isaiah 43:19

our mission

We believe that our mission is uniquely ours. It captures our passions and speaks hope deep into our souls. Each part of the statement is important in describing the church God has called us to become.

embracing the responsibility:

We believe that as a church we have been given the responsibility to lead everyday people to new life and new possibilities. It's not a challenge. It's not a request. It's our responsibility, and it belongs to us whether or not we choose to embrace it. We've decided to be a church who embraces this responsibility.


We understand the role we play in helping people discover new life and new possibilities, and that's to lead them there. We can't force people to choose new life. We can't demand that they seize the new possibilities that are theirs in Christ. But through our actions and our words, we can lead them to the point of discovery.

everyday people:

By everyday people, we in no way mean ordinary. We mean the people you interact with on an everyday basis. It may be your wife or husband, your children, the people you work with, the barista at your favorite coffee shop, or the people God has uniquely placed in your path today.

new life:

New life is found in Christ, and Christ alone. This new life is offered to anyone who chooses to follow Christ--no matter what their past looks like. The New Testament tells us, "That anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!"

new possibilities:

When we choose to follow Christ a whole new world of possibilities become ours. These possibilities are what allows each of us to follow the unique life we were created to live. We don't have to follow God--We get to.

our measures

Since our mission is our driving force it is important to know if we are accomplishing the mission. We do this by a set of measures that help our church know if we are taking steps to become the people God has called us to be. We believe that when these things are evident in our lives then we will truly experience LIFE.

new life

  • L iving & Growing Spiritually
  • I nvolved in Biblical Community

new possibilities

  • F ocusing on Others
  • E xercising Stewardship

"AM I ...?" // "Are you ...?"

Turning these measures into a question helps us discover if these things are truly apart of our lives. We can lead ourselves by asking, "Am I ...?". We can lead others by asking, "Are you ...?". 

our values

Our values help remind us of why our mission is so important and help us pursue the things that matter most. When we say "Catch the WIND," we are encouraging people to catch the unique values of A Fresh Wind.

Wholeness | Integrity | Nurturing | Dynamic Faith